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Altamar Translation & Interpretation specializes in legal, engineering, medical, web, and NAFTA translation and interpretation services. We serve all common commercial language pairs through our world-wide network of certified translators and interpreters. We partner with our clients on large-scale, mission-critical projects. Often these projects are of a very time-sensitive nature and require an experienced team of project managers, proofreaders, translators, and interpreters with advanced degrees in translation, law, engineering, business, medicine, and information sciences.

When should you choose Altamar? Simple. When every word counts.

Can you afford to offend an international client due to a lack of sensitivity to cultural norms in your negotiations? Can you afford a mistrial over faulty interpretation? Can you afford entrusting your firm’s reputation to an independent translator who may not be insured or experienced in your industry?

Clearly, there is far too much at stake.

Altamar will provide you with certified translators/interpreters who not only specialize in your industry, but who are also aware of cultural norms and nuances that impact your message’s clarity. Gain the assurance of a translator/interpreter who is attentive to details and will avoid you the embarrassment and expense of miscommunication.

When every word must count, depend on Altamar Translation & Interpretation and join many other leaders in your profession.
We consistently deliver accurate, prompt, reliable, and quality work—on time and on budget.

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