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frequently asked questions

Q. What sets Altamar apart from its competitors?
Altamar is comprised of a world-wide network of certified translators and interpreters. Given the breadth of our network's expertise and experience, we are a leading provider of legal, engineering, medical, web, and international trade translations and interpretations. Altamar serves all major commercial language pairs and is your key partner for large-scale, mission-critical assignments when time sensitivity, insurance, and impeccable quality are required. In short, clients choose Altamar "when every word counts ."

Q. In what languages do you provide your translation services?
We have translators/interpreters who have expertise in all major commercial language pairs and many uncommon ones. So we've got you covered from Arabic to Zulu.

Q. Does Altamar develop multilingual web sites?
Yes. The Internet has revolutionized the way we conduct business and the way we communicate with our stakeholders. More and more companies are recognizing the importance of having a multilingual web site with localized content. Altamar can design your web site and localize your web site's content, or work with your designer to provide a site that is customized to each target market.

Q. How long will my translation take?
It varies according to the complexity and length of the work.
On average our translators can translate 4,000-5,000 words (15-20 pages) per day. If you have a very time sensitive project, please call or e-mail us; we can ensure fast turnaround times by assigning several certified translators and interpreters to your project.

Q. What is required when requesting translation work?
We ask clients to indicate their complete contact information, source material (electronic file, hard copy, web site URL), nature of the translation (i.e., general or technical), target language & market,
preferred method of delivery (e.g., e-mail, mail), suggested timeline or interpretation dates, and any notes that are pertinent to the project. If original documents are not available, please ensure that photocopies or faxes are as clear and legible as possible.

Q. How much do you charge for translations?
Prices vary depending on the timeline, nature of the work, and whether any travelling will be required. Our prices are very competitive and the quality of our work reflects the rigorous quality control guidelines we set out for our translators/interpreters. If you require "every word to count" in terms of accuracy, cultural sensitivity, grammar and spelling, and professional presentation, you should request a quote from Altamar.

Q. I'm concerned about security issues and confidentiality. How do you address these issues?
Many of our clients entrust us with confidential documents, intellectual property, and sensitive personal data. In our hiring process we carefully screen our translators/interpreters and always verify their references. Our team is certified, professional, ethical and reliable. Each translator and interpreter has signed a non-disclosure agreement, and we require that all original documents be returned when the work is completed. We have a strict internal security protocol and all client files are locked up safely.

Q. Do you offer proofreading services?
Yes. An essential part of the translation process is proofreading to ensure the highest quality. We can proofread your documents, web site, and/or assist on your translation/interpretation projects.

Q. How will the finished documents be submitted back to me?
We are very flexible and will submit the final product in the format of your choice. We can send you your translation electronically for faster results in various formats (e.g., hard copy, diskette, e-mail, Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign & PDF, HTML, and so on).


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